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Our clients are what best represents us. No one will give a better picture of what we do than they will.

Dariusz’s company imports goods from China to Poland. He first became our client a few years ago. We helped him improve the entire shipping process. His clients always received their orders on time and everything worked like clockwork: ships sailed from China, arrived at one of the sea ports serviced by us in Poland or Germany, and from there the orders were dispatched to the customers…

Until everything fell to pieces. The manufacturing process of a new contractor in China took longer than expected and there was no way the cargo could be delivered on time. Dariusz had to face the possibility of tremendous financial loss.

We offered to transport part of the cargo by air to make sure that Dariusz would fulfill the terms of his contract with the consignee. This way he would be able to both meet his obligations and avoid incurring the high costs of transporting the whole cargo by air.

Dariusz was not willing to take the offer.

“I can’t afford air transport. The transfer fees will be too high! I’m going to look for a different solution”, he said and hung up.

We kept thinking about him during days that followed. There was no other way for him to deliver the cargo on time, considering the significant delay on the part of the Chinese factory.

Suddenly the phone rang.

Good day, Dariusz speaking. I called several other shipping companies. They either didn’t have anything to offer me, or it turned out that airfreight wouldn’t take much less than transport by sea, while still costing a fortune. The airfreight you offer takes two weeks. Please begin the procedure as soon as possible.

We did. Our cooperation with Dariusz continues until today.


The owners possess longstanding experience in the sector. They started working in shipping in 2002 and progressed systematically along their career paths - starting out as customs agents and forwarders, only to achieve managerial positions after just a few years. Holding executive positions since 2006, they have managed various departments, thus attaining valuable skills necessary for the effective handling of logistics and sales.

They continue to broaden their knowledge and raise their qualifications. They keep track of changes taking place in both the transport market and trade exchange in order to recognize their clients’ needs and provide them with the best solutions. Both company founders continue to further their education in order to stay up to date with information about current regulations, requirements and standards.

Mariusz Michalski


A trained economist (Warsaw School of Economics), specializing in foreign trade. By experience an international forwarder and manager. After graduating, he began working and went on to gain longstanding experience at managerial positions in international shipping companies. The career paths of the company’s future founders crossed numerous times, which resulted in the establishment of Pangea Logistics Sp z o.o. in 2015.

Marcin Dąbek


A graduate of economics at the Faculty of Foreign Trade at the School of Commerce and Law (now Łazarski University) in Warsaw. Similar to Mariusz Michalski, after finishing his studies Marcin became a licensed customs agent and began to work in air shipping at the Warsaw CARGO Terminal. Over the course of his career he managed the operations and sales departments of various global shipping companies. In 2015 Marcin and Mariusz decided to co-found Pangea Logistics Sp. z o. o.


The world, as well as technology, continue to move forward and we don’t stay behind. We are happy to share our experiences within the networks to which we belong. Among these is IATA, an umbrella organization for air carriers, and two international shipping networks - The Freight Club and Global Freight Alliance.

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