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What do we do?

We handle shipping through all Polish and major European air and sea ports, servicing both imports and exports, providing transport either on a door-to-door basis or over selected distances. Apart from freight, we also provide customs, storage and terminal services, along with land transport and distribution. We advise on matters related to choosing optimal solutions and types of transport, as well as preparing both the cargo and the documentation for shipment.

Air transport

Pangea Logistics provides comprehensive airfreight servicing. It operates on a worldwide scale in a door-to-door system. Our experienced and well-qualified personnel is aware of the urgent nature of this kind of transport and actively works toward developing the fastest and most affordable solutions. We make sure that all shipments reach their destination on time.

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Sea transport

Pangea Logistics recognizes the growing global trend of increasing efficiency in the delivery process, which is now seen as one of the chief elements of maintaining a competitive advantage. Inventory planning on the part of businesses affects the dynamics and organization of sea transport.

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Land transport

Poland’s unique location as a transit country stands behind the development of land and intermodal transport. This is reflected in increased government budgetary spending and EU funding devoted to developing this kind of infrastructure.

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Additional services

Additional cargo shipment services form a supplement to our international transport offer. Pangea Logistics includes them as part of its services and works hard to fulfill clients’ individual needs and requirements.

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