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Additional services

Additional cargo shipment services form a supplement to our international transport offer. Pangea Logistics includes them as part of its services and works hard to fulfill clients’ individual needs and requirements.

  • E-commerce logistic services – we handle the full logistic process (guaranteeing both storage and shipment) of e-commerce and assist in operating online stores.

  • Storage logistics – we provide access to cargo spaces and trans-shipment services related to the distribution, picking, or packaging of goods.

  • Risk management – we offer cargo insurance according to Institute Cargo Clauses type ICC - A, B, C.

  • Customs formalities – we are able to conduct customs clearance under all customs procedures in all European ports. We prepare the required certificates and declarations.

  • Transport equipment charter – available for transporting oversize or bulk cargo.

  • Handling Hazardous Cargo – consulting, assistance with documentation, packaging, labelling, and storage.

  • Removal goods, fairs and exhibitions, professional equipment – customs clearance at passenger terminals and stations, consultations resulting in the preparation of appropriate documentation.

  • Food products and/or perishables (PER) – we prepare certificates necessary for customs clearance and provide suitable means of transportation equipped with temperature monitoring and motion detectors. We preserve the shipments in required conditions.

  • E-commerce logistic services – we organize the logistic process with the purpose of minimalizing delivery time and costs, as well as overcoming any possible challenges typical for e-commerce, regardless of scale.

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