Air transport

Pangea Logistics provides comprehensive airfreight servicing. It operates on a worldwide scale in a door-to-door system. Our experienced and well-qualified personnel is aware of the urgent nature of this kind of transport and actively works toward developing the fastest and most affordable solutions. We make sure that all shipments reach their destination on time.

How we work:

  • We provide access to a large variety of aircraft operators and the wide range of services they offer for different product, time, and price requirements/criteria.

  • We offer comprehensive handling, documentation and customs services, which make it possible for shipments to move through each checkpoint efficiently.

  • We monitor the cargo’s route at each stage, eliminating delays at trans-shipment points.

  • We provide consulting and expertise so that non-standard goods may be adequately prepared with regard to their properties, use, and, purpose.

  • We take an active role in providing proper transport protection aimed at maintaining the shipments’ integrity and value, as well as in ensuring the secure receipt of payment.

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