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Sea transport

The delivery process is currently one of the key ways of maintaining an advantage over competition. Owing to good relationships with leading ship operators and foreign partners with an established position within the maritime transport market, Pangea Logistics provides a service that guarantees timely deliveries, access to cargo spaces, competitive rates, and price stability in the medium term for the declared volume of transported goods (NAC).

At Pangea Logistics we handle imports and exports from all continents. We specialize in imports from China, as well as exports to Canada and the United States.

  • We handle FCL container cargo and LCL mixed cargo.

  • We offer the services of significant ship operators and consolidators, along with access to the wide range of voyages they provide every week.

  • We propose schedules and expenditure estimates for project cargo.

  • We provide post-shipment deconsolidation, handling, customs and transport services at major Polish and Western European ports.

  • We oversee and notify in advance of the cargo’s status, thus making it possible for the relevant documentation to be carefully prepared, warehouse operation to be planned, and the client’s sales campaign to be implemented on time.

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